Braun Series 9 Super Shaver

Many men need to look perfect for their careers. Having a clean and fresh appearance is important in the high stakes business world. A man who looks after his appearance is seen as being confident and successful. These men need to purchase a quality men’s shaver that will not only shorten the length of time spend in the bathroom in the morning, but provide a clean close shave that is comfortable. Braun is a well-known men’s shaver brand and manufacturer. They make the Braun Series 9 foil shaver for men at their Germany manufacturing plant.

This shaver is cordless and rechargeable, and can also be used with water or without. The shaver has a sleek shiny grey-chrome finish, with a black cleaning center to simplify the maintenance of the shaver.

Braun tests their men’s shavers thoroughly during their development. For the Series 9, they tested it on men who had 3-day beards. They discovered that this shaver provides the most efficient and comfortable shave. No question ask, this is the best electric shaver on the market.

This shaver has been designed with intelligent SyncroSonic technology. It contains four specialized cutting elements that work together with 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The purpose of this tech is so that all different types of hairs will be cleanly and smoothly removed, even if they’re thicker or flat laying. The Direct and Cut trimmer will first realign hairs to one direction, then cleanly cut them off.

Within the head of the shaver is a quadruple cutting system that allows for better facial adaptability. The double OptiFoil cutters provide for a close shave so that the shave lasts for longer throughout the day. The OptiFoil is Braun’s most advanced foil structure to date.

The front bottom of the shaver has an LED display that shows battery status as a blue number. It also has a hygiene indicator to tell you when to wash it, and a travel lock indicator so that the shaver won’t accidentally turn on in transit.

This shaver only takes one hour to fully charge up. This will give you 50 minutes of shaving time.

The Clean & Charge station works with five actions. You can select which cleaning program you prefer. The station will clean, charge, and lubricate the shaver, getting it ready for the week ahead. Many of the shaver systems don’t clean your shaver either, but this system will. You can simply place your shaver head down, and press a button to have it dried. If you want to rinse your shaver out the traditional way, you can simply dry it in the station rather than go through all the other functions.

The Braun Series 9 foil shaver for men will make a great gift for yourself, or for a loved one. This premium shaver is backed up by a two year warranty so that it will not only last a long time, but it will always provide an excellent shave every time you use it.


Are you confused on how to begin? Do you ever sit to ponder on how best to improve traffic-sales of your products online? Then, you need to look no further as I would love to introduce you to the billionaires’ secret card known as Kickstarter.

In this 21st century, online/ internet marketing is a weapon used to boost businesses from zero level to multi-billion dollar agencies and companies through Kickstarter platform. Though a quite amount of people use the platform as a means of funding projects, some invest in peoples businesses.

What then is Kickstarter in lame terms?

According to the third law of motion by Newton which states; to every action or movement, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In prospect, Kickstarter is more of the force pulling businesses in equal and opposite reaction by meeting the proposed targeted market within a range of time.

Now, you must be asking yourself, how can Kickstarter improve my business?

The first thing you need understand to become successful in life and business; one needs to be creative, patient and determined with a set goal.

Noted! I agree with you that it is strictly for fundraising or investment purposes, but have you thought of advertising your goods and services to meet this different range of people in their millions?

How can it be done?

  1. Upload a short video of your goods and services
  2. Tell the public what makes your product unique
  3. Let the people know you are ready to negotiate on price depending on the quantity of purchase
  4. Make the time to goal short
  5. Always update your blog or post on a daily basis to show how active you are.
  6. Keep to your delivery as promised.
  7. Make offers for reward on a purchase but let it be limited to avoid problems.
  8. Always be positive minded and show gratitude.
  9. Make your tagline short, super attractive, and compelling.
  10. Make sure to be creative as you justify your products.

What does one need to begin exploring its benefits?

Although Kickstarter helps in gathering monetary resources from the general populace through a circuit of traditional investment, the platform is open to anyone above 18 years of age. Kickstarter gives one the opportunity to either become a creator and backer. To be affiliated with the platform, an individual needs to be a residence of the United States with credentials such as driver’s license, bank account, and a credit or debit card.

However, not making proper technical/calculative risk and total required expenses may fail in delivery even with a robust and successful campaign. It is for this reasons that Kickstarter holds defaulters liable in payment for damages incurred by failure to deliver as stipulated or promised.

Are there any hidden charges?

No there isn’t. Kickstarter only collects 5% of the raised fund while Amazon charges an extra 3 to 5 %. They lay no claims to the works produced by them on one’s fundraising or investments but make all uploaded videos and media public and irremovable from the site.

What next?

There is a need to keep up with the momentum that comes with the product lunch. As a businessman, all you need is spreading words of your products and services via social media by keeping your fans updated and engaged with exciting stories, offers, and new projects in the pipeline.

You should know that campaign with more than 30 to 50 updates weekly raises the product level of awareness. However, constant upload of beautiful pictures and short taglines will help boost sales and traffic.

I hope you profit from this little-shared information in growing your business with the help of Kickstarter.